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7 James Corden Moments

September 20, 2016

James Kimberley Corden who the world knows as James Corden, host of The Late Late Show has been amazing fun. From his fun karaoke carpools with celebrities, to his crazy short skits – the man has an awesome way of exuding humour. His video counts viral into hundreds of millions to a point you’d find other global talk show hosts emulating similar ideas by him. His Youtube channel has grown to over 7,000,000 subscribers to date. Apple Music bought the Carpool Karaoke Series from CBS in July 2016 – thanks to him. Here are 7 of Corden moments that would be worth watching all over again. 

1. CBS feature before he got started.

2. Have you seen this? The first time James Corden gets on the Late Late Show after Craig Ferguson. He has come so far!

3. He picks up Adele and sings along with her.

4. When Stevie Wonder does Corden a favour and makes a call to his wife.

5. When he “returned” to sing with Cold Play at the Rose Bowl. Watch till the end. There’s a surprise.

6. The latest – when Apple picks on Corden’s brains.

7. The ride with the classy Rod Steward where Corden runs his hand through Rod’s hair.

He’s going to be larger than what he already is…I can tell.



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