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credit: Ivan Siarbolin

The Curse (or Rightness) of Power.

August 1, 2021
Power exist in many forms.
But its fundamental function, I believe – is to be in service.
To serve; so many a thing can blossom.

Power, when used rightly will establish order.
Order will then establish a flow of rightness.
Rightness becomes the decorum for growth and possibilities.
So, the whole idea about empowering people to govern, boils down to –
order, rightness and growth.

There is nothing personal to gain from power.
It will always, always be – for the evolution of all.
It is not for anyone or entity’s agenda. It cannot feed greed.

The bearer (of any form of power) must understand that power is not entrusted to a person for self preservation.
When power is used for self preservation, it eventually corrupts (and eventually destroys) the bearer.
That is the curse. (Look around and see how this curse plays out)

Maybe if world leaders can understand this fundamental, we may have a glimpse of hope in many ways.

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