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5 Ways to Get Competent

September 13, 2016

Have you encountered some really competent people who work on things like it was a walk in a park? There are many awesome traits they exhibit – that nothing really seems impossible. The blueprint of how they exist, operate and communicate seems utterly refreshing, yet we know they’ve been through the mill only to turn everything into something empowering. Over the last two decades, I’ve had the privilege of studying with some of these people, watched and learned from them. They eventually become Masters of their domain. So I thought I list some of my little findings and insights that I’ve derived from my journey thus far.

1. Make everything a learning. Think things through. Digest!
Contemplate, clarify and suspend assumptions. Think feasibility and possibilities. Do your due diligence to learn and explore. Turn every experience into a lesson. Take your time and exercise intelligence. These thought processes will help establish clarity. In doing so, you would be forced to think objectively while learning the art of anticipation.

2. Use emotion effectively. Then put it aside.
The operative word is EFFECTIVELY! I have learned a fundamental thing from my Guru –  either emotion or intelligence can be present at any one point in time. Emotion initiates an awareness process, then the demand to exercise intelligence surfaces. The lesser the emotion, the more objective one can be in response to any given situation. When emotion gets the best of a person, blindspots are formed and you may fail to grasp the bigger picture.

3. Immerse in intensity. 
Intensity refers to your dedication and determination. When encountering and participating with anything life offers – immerse with all your heart. Do whatever it takes and become a student of it. Square the matter at hand and go the extra mile to learn. Master the domain.

4. Commit to your word and then, deliver!
Gone are the days where one’s word is the point of integrity. Integrity is compromised because we fail to trust the word of another and uphold the delivery of our word. Communication seems to be incongruent, because walking the talk is no longer the way we do things. Time to reclaim this honour. One who rises to the promise at hand and do whatever it takes to deliver – often takes away an exponential growth.

5. Observe Openness.
The key to openness allows one to listen to the unsaid. Master this and you will be able to read between lines. How would you know if you are being open? Watch your reaction. Can you look at a situation at hand – objectively, or is there a movement with an emotion?

These insights remind me of lessons with my Aikido Sensei. In training, we were taught to turn everything to an advantage. In this case, turning everything to a learning. The diligent work on posture, footwork, formation and staged attacks prepared me for so many things – awareness, swift thinking and action, resourcefulness and much more. The art taught me how intensity develops awareness and keeps you sharp – something so valuable to me today as I go on my merry way to build companies and teams.

Engage, encounter, participate. Intensely. Remember that the whole process is not for you to acquire; it is the unending process of becoming. You will be amazed of what’s to unfold.

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