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5 Traits of an Opportunist

September 11, 2016

Much of the work we do, involves people and their behaviors. Over the years, I have learned that the clarity and sight must develop to identify behavioural patterns is utterly important. With belief systems forming our behavioural patterns, there is no right nor wrong for the person living that out. It is a matter of being conscious or unconscious of these patterns, as one discovers more understanding of how they have come to form (behavioural patterns). Evolution can happen when understanding is established.

1. Maximizers.
They know how to capitalise on others giving – on any giving, in fact. They usually will want to maximise anything, so they never lose out. Their primary question is – what’s in it for me?

2. Transactional.
Everything, including relationships – are usually reduced to a trade off or a transaction. They compare so they may profit so much for so little a price. They will claim a bargain they successfully transacted to be somewhat an achievement. The consumer mind is an indication of this psychology.

3. Fear of Commitment and Responsibility.
They are usually fearful when the need to commit arises. They look for others to make decisions for them, so they have a way of avoiding responsibility. Much of their game play is to escape responsibility. They don’t take responsibility of results. More than often, they look/ point/ decide for another to take responsibility.

4. Striving for Presence.
They use everything around them, to define and acknowledge their existence. They thrive on the need of acknowledgement. At times, they demand that significance. Respect is something they demand, yet hesitate to extend. Stature and external titles are usually their feel good factor. They want to be in control of things. Power, recognition and fame is usually their drive. Dismissing another so they can exist – pretty much a way of life.

5. Instant Gratification.
To avoid the fear of the unknown, they reduce many things to become practical and logical. They avoid the unknown for fear of not having control. Thus they are usually obsessed with quick fixes and any techniques that will quickly resolve their fears. Their fear of the unknown is larger than them.

Time we discard belief systems of an opportunist, and perhaps explore the way of the contributor. Things are usually so much fun with a contributor. Contributors inspire trust.

Managing Director at Live & Inspire. Work and life is one and the same for him. He builds businesses in his play and extends it to humanity. Writes on every day discoveries affecting his lifetime of conduct.

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