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Our calling Malaysia

Our Calling, Malaysia.

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We are at a point in time where people are so overly sensitive about the silliest things. There are people peddling for power who are


Aiyoh, Mamak and Rendang. Oxford Gets Relev...

Sep 12, 2016No Comments

So what just happened – Oxford adds 1200 new words to its collection and expands the English language. Oxford English Corpus, a research program that tracks


Spirituality: A Mere Label

Sep 10, 2016No Comments

Spirituality is a label used to identify with the essence of the inner realm. Like the biology that evolves physically, so does the inner realm,


Why It Can All Wait?

Aug 27, 2016No Comments

Youtube channel – SummerBreak, collaborates with AT&T for this heartbreaking video. It would alter your driving ritual and probably save lives. In this day and