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Spirituality: A Mere Label

September 10, 2016
Spirituality is a label used to identify with the essence of the inner realm.
Like the biology that evolves physically, so does the inner realm, energetically.
The inner realm is vast in its nature. Infinite.
The access into this realm begins with awareness.
Every awareness is an opportunity to observe life and all its occurrence, consciously.
Spirituality is the seeking of the seeker.
Much of what we seek, eventually sheds light to understand the seeker.
When one decides to seek for answers knowing that there is more to
life than what meets the eye, the seeking begins.
But such is a process that it takes you within.
Hence the birth of the seeker, or sometimes known as the observer.
It is not a set of belief structures. It is an encounter varying in experience
from one individual to another. However, there are many who form beliefs out of this experiences.
Spirituality, with the term used loosely, is pretty much living with a conscience of balance,
and that balance is about being at peace with the moment.
The energetic realm of this affects the biology.
It either puts you (the spirit) in a state of restlessness or one that is rested.
It gives birth to clarity and intelligence.

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Managing Director at Live & Inspire. Work and life is one and the same for him. He builds businesses in his play and extends it to humanity. Writes on every day discoveries affecting his lifetime of conduct.

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