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Politics: The Struggle for Power

August 28, 2016

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word ‘Politics’ as activities that relate to influencing the actions and policies of a government or getting and keeping power in a government. So if you really contemplate on that definition, one has to actually act from influence and impose it on another to ensure that the flow of things are synced with the intent of the influencer?

In any government, company, community or collective – politics is used to assert dominance. Dominance is power – power to rule, to put forth a desired intent, to be the only one and the list goes on. Based on this premise, isn’t politics the subtlest of violence? Violence nonetheless. It subjugates inevitably. In the name of governance however, politics seem to be a pre-requisite. Where you think politics exist, follow the trail of the clash and you’ll discover the undercurrent of a power struggle.

The habit of participating in politics, regardless its scope (office politics, party politics, business politics etc) almost seems like a blueprint to survive in today’s world. We have the tendency to equate politics to leadership and then struggle to scrutinize the congruency. We don’t really elect leaders these days, we elect politicians. The conduct of both – a real leader and a politician – are worlds apart. We must dissect and examine this belief system again. The state of reality is evident to us – where there is politics, there is power struggle. The contemplation digs deep – more understanding is needed to establish what it takes to lead – and politics should not be a criteria. The bitching and ‘canibalising’ (figuratively saying) culture of each other in today’s social, corporate and governmental structures are nothing but the effects of politics; the struggle for dominance.

Of course this is an idealist perspective – but imagine cascading down this blueprint to the generation to come? It almost seems like a lost cause and politics would never see it’s end of day. But I write here not to conclude anything, merely a contemplation of where and when politics finds itself – therein lies a power struggle for dominance – for whatever the reason maybe. I shall write more later…


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