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Managing Director at Live & Inspire. Work and life is one and the same for him. He builds businesses in his play and extends it to humanity. Writes on every day discoveries affecting his lifetime of conduct.


The 3 Blindspots

Sep 12, 20163 Comments

Have you been through the darkest hour of your life and it almost seems like there’s no glimpse of light at the end of that lonely


Aiyoh, Mamak and Rendang. Oxford Gets Relev...

Sep 12, 2016No Comments

So what just happened – Oxford adds 1200 new words to its collection and expands the English language. Oxford English Corpus, a research program that tracks


5 Traits of an Opportunist

Sep 11, 2016No Comments

Much of the work we do, involves people and their behaviors. Over the years, I have learned that the clarity and sight must develop to


Spirituality: A Mere Label

Sep 10, 2016No Comments

Spirituality is a label used to identify with the essence of the inner realm. Like the biology that evolves physically, so does the inner realm,


14 Coolest Workstations

Aug 28, 2016No Comments

Lately, I’ve been working on a plan of building a comprehensive workstation where one could sit and mobilise almost everything from that spot. Hahaha! Setting up

Washington Structure

Politics: The Struggle for Power

Aug 28, 2016No Comments

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word ‘Politics’ as activities that relate to influencing the actions and policies of a government or getting and keeping

A reality check at work

A Reality Check at Work

Aug 28, 2016No Comments

Reality check. If you’re at a job for more than a year, struggling to deliver, struggling to find your role or fit on the team,


Why It Can All Wait?

Aug 27, 2016No Comments

Youtube channel – SummerBreak, collaborates with AT&T for this heartbreaking video. It would alter your driving ritual and probably save lives. In this day and

Rising to the Occasion

Aug 10, 2016No Comments

Over the years I’ve learned that when anything around you seemed overwhelming, you have 2 choices – The escape, or the encounter. Very quickly though, I


God Rest in Reasons by Jason Mraz

Aug 03, 2016No Comments

One of his earlier songs, written for his sister’s wedding. From what I gather, the song was inspired by Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet. I don’t