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Aiyoh, Mamak and Rendang. Oxford Gets Relevant.

September 12, 2016

So what just happened – Oxford adds 1200 new words to its collection and expands the English language.
Oxford English Corpus, a research program that tracks words and language emerging in our daily engagement, checks for significant words that could be relevant enough to stand the test of time. With the digital age being so relevant to almost everyone, words like “selfie” is thought to stand the test of time! *insert your reaction*

Although the news have surfaced – that the words “Aiyoh, Mamak and Rendang” have been included in the Oxford Dictionary, we are yet to see it listed on – at the point of writing this post. We will update soon.

The Oxford Dictionary is said to get updated every 3 months. That means the language expands every 3 months to be more relevant? And how does a new word enter an Oxford dictionary? Watch this to understand further.

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