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A reality check at work

A Reality Check at Work

August 28, 2016

Reality check. If you’re at a job for more than a year, struggling to deliver, struggling to find your role or fit on the team, struggling to find your footing to exist as a contributor, time to re-look at your purpose there. Time to review your progress, your growth, and if it cannot be quantified, cannot be seen nor manifested, then it is time to reconsider an exit. If at all the thought of blaming the circumstances around you arise at this instance, then know you have lived there without rising to be responsible. Way too often one comes to an organization expecting so much more in transaction to the little that they put out.

Most will rant about the pressure at work, but hardly ever grow. I’ve come to realize why they never really evolved from the deepest involvement at work – they never really got involved! They never went all in. They never owned the domain. They hardly came out of the work pressure embodying the lesson or the opportunity that was presented to them.

After a year working wherever you were working, and you find yourself struggling to articulate what you do, how you do and how you have contributed to what you do, there’s your indication of progress and involvement.

In the last one year, what skills have you developed or mastered, working wherever you find yourself working?

We live in days where people worship laziness and find escape to be a thrilling adventure. We live in days where people want relief more than an encounter of possibilities. They dread the risk of growth, and ironically take pleasure in the rest of deterioration. People want the celebration of freedom without the responsibilities.

Over the years working with corporates and people, I’ve seen these vicious habits and psychology show up. And I’ve learned to slowly eliminate them from my inner circle. If you’re building a temple and one of your pillars make up traits of irresponsibility, you will know the curse of such a parasite.

Be loyal to the creation at hand and all who build with you, I was once told.

Thus, an overview of you evolving through your work (or play).

PHASE 1. The work enriches you.
Because work is new and exciting at that point in time, you absorb.
How enriching is work to you?
PHASE 2. You enrich the work. 
When familiarity and routine has happened, you extend.
How enriching are you to your work?
PHASE 3. You become the work that enriches.
You are the embodiment of the work, you create.
The domain of work becomes yours.
How enriching have you become as the work itself?
Most, don’t get through the first stage.

Managing Director at Live & Inspire. Work and life is one and the same for him. He builds businesses in his play and extends it to humanity. Writes on every day discoveries affecting his lifetime of conduct.

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